Sunday, 28 February 2010

Journey to Miri

Salam ukhuwahfillah and have a nice day.....

On the 1- 3 January 2010, my brotherhoods and I were travelled to Miri city in Sarawak. This was third time I'm going to Miri. Actually, we were here for taking our brothers companions as he will going back to Kuching. Last time, when I was here, there is a lot of experiences, bad and luck during my industrial traning at Miri Hospital. Hope it had gave something for me to pursue for my better life. A lot of changes also in Miri compared to my last visit to this city. One of my brotherhoods had said that, Miri is a place of "LIFE" and different from other place in Malaysia and he feel "LIFE" to be at Miri. 

Here, I would to share the pictures with all of you.....

Miri City from up of hill

Monument at the Petroleum Muzeum

Drill tower (monument)

The workers on drilling

One of the old machine use for drilling

This is the Petroleum Muzeum at Miri

One section in the muzeum showing layer of Earth

Akhi Aizam on earth quake simulation

 Oil rig model
One of the type of drill

Welcoming wall

The first place of finding oils at Miri
Miri Public Park

On the suspension bridge at the park
Luak Esplanade at Miri

Luak Esplanade beach

A mosque at Bintulu

Outer of the mosque

At Tanjung Batu beach, Bintulu

Rajang River, the longest and bigest river in Sarawak

Place of interest by ikhwah

Aizam at my home town
These are some of the pictures taken for our sharing. 

14 Rabiulawal 1431H
Desa Ilmu Park

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