Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Insyallah by Maher Zain

A song to sing and look upon it lyrics.

A song by Maher Zain, one of the newest nasyeed singer which bring an Islamic points of view and being interested in this present day. That good!!!!

The song bring us to know that Allah SWT is always helping us when us are in sadness, poverty, guilty and etc.. Allah SWT will always help us if we do what He says like pray to Him and accomplished all His message. All the situation, feel and environment in this world are in His hand and He has the power to make it or not. All the things are in His surveillance and control.

The lyrics:


Everytime you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost there
That your so alone
All you see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can't see which way to go
Don't despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side..

Insyallah (3X)
You'll find your way
Insyallah (3X)
You'll find your way

Everytime you can make one more mistake
You feel you can repent
And that its way too late
You're so confused, wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame
Don't despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side..

Insyallah (3X)
You'll find your way

Turn to Allah
He's never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your  hands and pray
Ooo Ya Allah
Guide my steps don't let me go astray
You're the only one showed me the way
Showed me the way (3X)

Insyallah (3X)
We'll find the way......

Downloadable MP3 format

Hoping that the song might inspired us to be the most good Muslim, understand our religion and practicing it in our daily life all the things that Allah SWT  had told us to do and neglect all the don't.

Baitul Irsyad
4 Jamadil Akhir 1431H

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  1. syukran atas pengenalan blog ini ...apapun congrate dpt menterjemahkan segala ilmu akhi dalam bentuk blog ni..keep it up ...for this entry, yes, i agree with u, this song is meaningfull+great melody.. n i'm big fan of maher zain's songs. i suggest to antum smua, try listen to open your eyes by maher zain n search the video @ utube (the one with story of a non-muslim convert to Islam).. good luck


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